DIY Cheesecloth Ghost Decor For Halloween

I found the cutest Halloween decor! Aren’t these adorable, especially the one holding a small pumpkin? I am so in love with this idea by Elaina on TikTok that I made one for each of our rooms. They all turned out beautiful, more so at night.

TikToker shared a video on how she turned cheesecloth into these adorable ghosts for the spooky season. She posted it with the caption, “A fun and easy Halloween DIY you can do with your kids!”

DIY Cheesecloth Ghost Decor For Halloween

Elaina started by getting a mason jar and a pipe cleaner. She then cut the pipe cleaner in half for the arms of the ghost. She bent both pieces 1/3 from one end, then hung them on opposite sides of the mason jar and bent the arms upward. You can also bend the arms toward each other so they can hold the pumpkin. After that, she placed the lid on with the middle part removed to keep the pipe cleaners in place. She inflated a small balloon and tied it, then placed it on the center of the lid. This will be the form that you will use to make the ghost.

Elaina measured the amount of cheesecloth she needed and cut two of that size. She then poured liquid starch into the bowl and soaked both cheesecloths. After that, she wrang them out, covered the form, and shaped it into a ghost. To catch the dripping, she placed the form into a baking sheet. Once she was okay with the shape, she set it aside and let it dry.

The last she needed to do was add the finishing touches. She cut two small circles from felt and glued them for the eyes of the ghost. She made two cheesecloth ghosts – one of them is holding a pumpkin. Lastly, she placed fairy lights inside. How cute are these?