How to Make a DIY Fall Scarecrow Wreath

When it comes to DIY projects, I only trust a handful of creators online, and one of them is on YouTube. Her crafts are always beautiful and super easy to make using materials that you can purchase in the nearest craft store. Since it’s already the Fall season, it’s only appropriate to make a themed wreath that you can decorate your door or porch with. Learn how with this video tutorial now.

Cut a piece of wire edge ribbon and glittery ribbon, then trim off their edges to make each side pointed, and set them aside. Gather a piece of mesh, then scrunch it together as shown in the video, and layer it with the cut ribbon pieces. Hold them with a pipe cleaner, tie them securely, and make another set. Lay them together making sure their edges are facing the opposite direction, then tie them together with the pipe cleaner, remove the flowers and leaves from the stem, and adhere them to the center of the mesh arrangement. Tie the mesh arrangement to the wire wreath, then proceed to make more, and fill the wreath leaving enough space on one side for the hat. Prepare the straw hat, then attach it to the wreath using floral wires, piece together the doll jeans as shown in the video, and attach them to the wire wreath using zip ties.