“She should be killed”: Jennifer Aniston Was Threatened by Harvey Weinstein After Allegations of Groping Her

Harvey Weinstein was recently sentenced to 16 more years in an LA prison, in addition to the 23-year sentence he was already serving in New York. The previous Hollywood mogul saw his downfall post the rise of the #MeToo movement which shed light on various allegations against him. Even at the latest hearing, Weinstein's attorneys were reportedly trying to depict him as a helpless man who was framed. However, one incident involving star Jennifer Aniston showed how dangerous he could be because the disgraced producer threatened to kill the actress.

Harvey Weinstein Threatened To End Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston and Harvey Weinstein

In a throwback report by Variety, the former Hollywood producer wrote that "Jen Aniston should be killed" in an email sent on October 31, 2017. The now convicted r*pist sent the mail in response to a National Enquirer reporter seeking comments from Sallie Hofmeister, Weinstein's crisis management expert. He had hired her after reports of assault and s*xual harassment got published in the New Yorker and New York Times in 2017.

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Harvey Weinstein

The reporter penned that "The National Enquirer intends to publish a story reporting Jennifer Aniston was s*xually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein." As for the allegations, Aniston's rep, Stephen Huvane, reported that they were untrue. He said:

"The National Enquirer claims are false. Jennifer has not been harassed or assaulted by Harvey."

The site reported that they had been able to see 1000 pages of documents finally unsealed during Weinstein's case. Variety published that Harvey Weinstein had desperately pleaded with various famous personalities ranging from network executives to billionaire leaders like Jeff Bezos and Michael Bloomberg when the allegations began picking up steam.

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Jennifer Aniston's One Encounter With Harvey Weinstein

Jennifer Aniston

In a 2019 interview with Variety, The Friends star spilled about the one interaction she had with Weinstein that made her feel that he was "piggish."Jennifer Aniston had worked on one movie called Derailed with the ex-mogul, and during the premiere, something rude happened. As per the actor:

"There was the premiere dinner. I remember I was sitting at the dinner table with Clive, and our producers, and a friend of mine was sitting with me. And he literally came to the table and said to my friend: 'Get up!' And I was like, 'Oh my gosh.' And so my friend got up and moved and Harvey sat down. It was just such a level of gross entitlement and piggish behavior."

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The interviewer then asked if the ex-producer ever tried to bully her. Aniston replied that he wouldn't dare to do that. But she shared one incident where he tried to coerce her. She said:

"He knew better. I remember, right when [his ex-wife] Georgina's clothing line Marchesa was starting. That's when he came to visit me in London while we were shooting. He'd be like, 'Ok, so I'd like you to wear one of these to the premiere.' And I went through the book, and at the time, it wasn't what it is today. It was not for me. He was like, 'You have to wear the dress.' That was my only bullying. And I was like, 'No, I will not wear the dress.'"

Even at the recent additional sentencing, Weinstein maintained that he was innocent.

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