14 Flowers That Look Like Hydrangea for Enhancing Garden Beauty

Flowers that resemble hydrangeas can belong to the same family or different families. Here is a list of plants that look like hydrangeas:

1. Egyptian Star Flower: This tropical perennial has dark green leaves and magenta, pink, white, or lilac blooms.

2. Coral Bells: Native to North America, this plant has pink, green, and bronze leaves with long green, white, red, or pink flowers.

3. Mountain Laurel: A twisted shrub with beautiful spring blooms, it grows best in open woodlands and prefers acidic soil.

4. Oakleaf Hydrangea: This woody plant has white flowers and grows in the southern United States.

5. Crape Myrtle: A deciduous bush with extended flowering time and exfoliating bark, it thrives in sandy or clay soils with full sun.

6. Panicle Hydrangea: This deciduous shrub or small tree produces creamy white flower clusters in late summer.

7. Flame of the Woods: A rounded evergreen shrub with dark green foliage and summer blooms, it prefers well-drained, loamy soils.

8. Bigleaf Hydrangea: Known for its large blue or pink blooms, it requires moist, well-drained soil and morning sun.

9. Butterfly Bush: This evergreen shrub has fragrant blooms and grows best in full light and well-drained soils.

10. Smooth Hydrangea: A small, multi-stemmed shrub with white blooms, it prefers a moist, well-draining soil.

11. Tree Peony: This plant produces large, colorful blooms in early spring and thrives in rich, well-drained soil.

12. Common Lilac: Native to Europe, it has aromatic purple blooms and tolerates mild shade.

13. European Cranberry Bush: This shrub has white lacecap-like flowers and red berries in the fall.

14. Chinese Snowball Bush: This plant blooms white flowers that resemble hydrangeas and prefers full sun and well-drained soil.

Choose any of these plants to enhance the beauty of your garden.