7 Arm-Building Workouts sans Heavy Weights: Enhance Muscle Size with Light Equipment

Segment 1: This article focuses on exercises that can help build bigger arms without relying on heavy weights. By using bodyweight exercises and resistance bands, individuals can still target and develop their arm muscles effectively.

Segment 2: The first exercise mentioned is the diamond push-up. By placing the hands close together in a diamond shape while performing a push-up, the triceps are engaged and worked.

Segment 3: The article then suggests doing tricep dips, which can be done on a bench or chair. This exercise targets the triceps and can be made more challenging by extending the legs.

Segment 4: Moving on to bicep exercises, the article recommends doing chin-ups or pull-ups. These exercises engage the biceps, and varying grips can target different areas of the biceps.

Segment 5: The use of resistance bands is also highlighted. By attaching a resistance band to a sturdy anchor, individuals can perform bicep curls and tricep extensions, effectively working the arm muscles.

Segment 6: Another exercise mentioned is the plank reach-out. While in a plank position, extending one arm and reaching out engages the triceps and shoulders.

Segment 7: Lastly, the article suggests incorporating yoga and Pilates into a workout routine. These disciplines strengthen and tone the body, including the arms, without the need for heavy weights.