15 Dark Pink Roses: Complied List

Dark pink roses are some of the most beautiful blooms in the Rosa family. In this article, we explore some popular dark pink rose varieties. The Kate rose is a vibrant magenta color and has a fresh, floral fragrance. Benjamin Britten roses have deep red-pink flowers and are great for hedges or containers. Peter Mayle roses are classic deep pink blooms with a strong rose scent. Sweet Intoxication roses have a vibrant rose pink color and a strong, spicy fragrance. Princess Alexandra of Kent roses have large, cupped blossoms in various shades of pink. Leonardo da Vinci roses have full, quartered flowers and a light tea rose fragrance. Heroes Rose is a deep plum-pink variety that stands out in any garden. Hot Princess roses have dazzling hot pink buds and long-lasting cut flowers. Boscobel roses range in color from vibrant raspberry pink to deep salmon coral. Sophy's Rose has crimson-pink rosette-shaped blooms and beautiful elongated leaves. Yves Piaget roses are vibrant and fragrant, blooming almost year-round. Grande Dame roses have big, velvety-textured dark pink petals and a powerful rose scent. Hot Lady roses are deep dark pink and make great cut flowers. Fame Grandiflora roses have fully saturated deep pink blooms and are resistant to disease. Pink Floyd roses have large neon pink flowers and last for about a week as cut flowers. Whether given as gifts or grown in gardens, dark pink roses add vibrancy and beauty.