DIY Pipecleaner Lavender Flowers Tutorial

Are you looking for a weekend DIY project? Try this DIY pipe cleaner lavender flowers from on TikTok! These DIY flowers are one of the best DIYs you’ll do, and it’s inexpensive! No need for those fancy craft materials as you’ll only need basic materials for this project. I love how simple and quick this project is and how makes it so easy to understand. There are a bunch of paper flower tutorials, but these pipe cleaner flowers surely look unique. Try this today with your friends! Watch the video tutorial below to learn the step by step instructions.

TikTok user started the project by measuring a pipe cleaner to 4 cm and then cutting it. She then bent it in half and proceeded to make a bunch of these for the lavender petals. Next, she made the flower stem by wrapping a piece of paper towel to a stick using hot glue, leaving 1/4 uncovered at the end. After this, she attached the pipe cleaner petals.

First, she put a generous amount of hot glue at the tip of the stem, then attached the petals in a slanted form, facing up. She then repeats these, filling the rest of the stem with the petals, and maintaining the columns. To finish it off, she attached a long green bent pipe cleaner at the side to make the leaf.

Aren’t these cuties the best DIY you could give to your loved ones? I myself will surely jump for joy if I ever receive something as special as this! It’s so pretty, inexpensive, and the best DIY flower I’ve seen. Thank you for this fantastic tutorial!