For Flowers That Return Year After Year, Grow Hardy Hibiscus

Hardy hibiscus plants are a great addition to any garden, especially if you love vibrant colors and showy flowers. These perennials are native to North America and are easy to grow. They have huge blooms that can reach the size of dinner plates, instantly transporting you to the tropics. Hardy hibiscus is drought-tolerant once established and blooms all summer. It's important to plant them in full sun and keep the soil moist during the first six months of establishment. These plants can be grown in containers but should be sheltered in colder climates. Fertilizing in the spring will help promote more blooms. Although hardy hibiscus flowers are not typically used for teas or beverages, they are safe to eat and can be cooked. Patience is key with this perennial as it is one of the last to wake up in the spring. Planting ground covers or spring-blooming bulbs can help fill in the bare area while waiting for the hibiscus to emerge.