40+ Unique Old Book Crafts And Decor Ideas!

If you've been around here long, you know we have a little bit of an obsession with using old books for crafting.

This list of upcycled old book page crafts and decor items is a combination of years of creations.

I love being able to pick up books that others are throwing away and turn them into something of beauty.

From beautiful flowers to wreaths and even a few kids' crafts, this list has something for everyone.

Upcycled Old Book Page Craft and Home Decor Ideas

Before you come at me, I have to say that I don't purposely destroy books for these crafts. For crafting, I seek out books that others are throwing out due to being damaged.

These aren't complete, whole, or able to be used traditionally.

So, rather than throwing them away, I repurpose them for new creations, like the many ideas listed below!

You'll love how fun they are to create and how beautifully unique they are for your home.

Calla Lily Bouquet

The calla lily is one of my favorite flowers. It is so elegant and simple in its beauty. This one is made from pages of an old book, and is stunning all by itself, or arranged in a bouquet.

I love how delicate this flower is, and that it's so fast and easy to make.

Flower Decor

One of the best things about old book pages is that they offer a rustic or vintage look naturally.

This little flower is so easy to make and looks beautiful on a gift, hanging on the wall, or even as part of another craft as an accent.


Flower Ball Decoration

This little decoration is so cute and easy to make. Little bits of paper folded and tucked into a ball create a cute look that is similar to a flower but simple to create. This is ideal for hanging from a window or on a seasonal tree.

Flower Bouquet

This little bouquet is a great creation using rustic outdoor elements as bases for unique little paper flowers.

Whether you use old book pages or tissue paper, these little flowers are beautiful while not being too fussy so they fit any decor.

Rose Ball Decoration

Using paper to create little paper roses is one of my favorite things to do. Combining them with other little bits and creating this little ball decoration turns them from beautiful to stunning.

Old Book Flower Decoration

If you want a project that is seriously easy to make, then this is the one you want.

Rolling and folding pages down is the easiest task and you can customize this flower with paint, added beads, glitter, or whatever you wish.

Romantic Bouquet

This simple bouquet uses the basic flower pattern to create individual flowers. They are super easy to make and can be used alone, or gathered together to create a bouquet like this one. So easy to use as home decor!

Paper Flower Wall Art

I love this idea that uses book pages to create a huge flower to hang on the wall. I truly love the look of this with a nice ornate frame around it, but it's just beautiful on its own if you want!

DIY Paper Rose Ball

This little rose ball has an extra accent in the miniature flowers added among the paper roses. It's so easy to put together that you can make dozens in no time. I love this as a great addition to a wedding or even a special romantic dinner decor.

Festive Flower Decoration

This little rolled page flower is ideal for adding to the top of a gift. A bit of glitter adds to this flower and you can so easily personalize it with a monogram. It's a perfect choice for making to showcase on gifts.

Origami Old Book Page Wreath

Do you like the art of paper folding? If so, then you will absolutely adore this wreath. It's amazing how a simple back-and-forth folding motion can create a beautiful pattern to create a wreath. Accent this with flowers, ribbons, or glitter!

Fringed Old Book Page Wreath

This wreath definitely requires a bit more work to create, but the result is absolutely gorgeous. I love the fringed look and the way the grapevine wreath form base looks amazing behind the paper. This is ideal for any time of year, and super easy to personalize.

Rustic Old Book Wreath

This wreath reminds me a lot of a sunflower. You could definitely add yellow and brown to make it look like one, or leave like this with the pretty red ribbon accent around the center. Rolling the paper is simple, and this wreath is one that looks difficult to make but is actually fairly easy to complete.

Wrapped Wreath With Flowers

Wrapping paper book pages around a simple wreath form creates a truly unique look. The addition of paper flowers, some colorful flowers, and a rustic brown ribbon make this wreath a perfect addition to your door any time of year.

Old Book Page Wreath

I admit that this one is so easy to make you'll feel almost guilty about how beautiful the result actually ends up looking. With red button accents, this is a perfect choice to use around Valentine's Day, but it could be a great wreath any day of the year.

Rose Heart Wreath

Of all the wreaths I have made over the years, this may be my favorite. It's just so simple but so beautiful. Little paper roses are easy to make and the accents of miniature red roses really pop against that yellowed book page. I love this one and am sure you will!

Paper Rolls Wreath

Whether you think of these as paper rolls or paper ribbons won't matter. This is a gorgeous little wreath that looks great on any door or mantle. The addition of gold ribbon in the center layer is beautiful, and you can easily add a different color if you prefer.

Folded Book Page Wreath

Folding paper back and forth can't get any simpler for creating a wreath. This one is super simple with the addition of a paper bow, but can easily be updated with some ribbon if desired.

Book Page Scroll Wreath

I always imagined this book page wreath is one that is ideal for making around graduation season. Imagine adding a year or "congrats graduate" message to this and hanging on your door or above the mantle for a graduation party!

Folded Book Page Paper Wreath

If you have little hands wanting to help you create a wreath, then this one is going to be a great choice. Simple cutting, folding, and stapling or gluing are all you need. A little bouquet of artificial flowers or a pretty ribbon is just the accent you need to make this pop against a white door.

Burlap Book Page Rose Wreath

This is a great rustic look that has paper flowers as accents. I like the use of burlap, but you could use fabric or ribbons to give it even more color.

The grapevine wreath makes it easier to give the rustic look, but you'll love this no matter what form you use as the base.

Fall Leaf Wreath

This wreath combines old book pages and artificial leaves to create a cute fall look.

I love that this brings in both elements and really looks great for the fall season. It's ideal from August through November!

Paper Vase Decor

It really can't get any easier than this one. A bit of time cutting pages into the vase shape, and you have a cute addition to any surface in your home.

You can paint this, add glitter, ribbons, or leave simple and tuck a few artificial flowers inside.

Star Wall Art Decoration

Wreaths are one of my favorite things to make, but they aren't the only way to decorate. I really love this little star and how it uses different rolling and folding methods to create a cute look.

Hanging Old Book Lantern

This is such a cute idea! While it can't be used as a traditional lantern with a candle, it has that lantern styling.

I love how the little tassel at the bottom can be customized to match your decor.

Hanging Paper Lanterns

There are three little styles of lanterns in this post. I love this look for decorating for a party. Of course, you don't have to use them as actual lanterns, but you can with an LED light if you want.

Paper Fern

This reminds me so much of the ferns my mom grew when I was a child. It's so simple, but it's seriously beautiful. You definitely won't find this anywhere else, so a unique look is certain with this tutorial!

Hedgehog Craft

This hedgehog is just absolutely adorable! I truly love the real deal, but this little paper one is just as precious. It can be a cute addition to any shelf in your home!

Hanging Birds Wall Art

What cute little birdies! These are perfect for decorating for a party or just adding to the wall in your office. They are super cute, easy to customize, and just a fun addition to any room. They even look great on packages as gift tags.

Butterfly Decoration

Do you love butterflies? I do! They remind me of change and new life, but mostly of beauty. These little butterflies are so pretty and easy to make. You can add them to your decor for springtime or even add to the top of a package if you want.

Decorative Feathers

I like the look of these feathers as a table scatter for a party, a fun little unique bookmark, or even a great hanging decoration on a wreath or just across the mantle. Probably my favorite way to use them is to decorate a package you are gifting.

Old Book Purse

Now this is brilliant! The base of an old book is easy to turn into a beautiful little purse! I wouldn't carry this on a regular basis nor fill it with a lot of items, but you can use it to carry a few little things for a special event.

Heart-Shaped Book Folding

For Valentine's Day this year, decorate your mantle with this fun little folded book page decoration. It's a beautiful little heart that can be added to your mantle, on a table, or bookshelf. So pretty and sweet!

Heart Hanging Banner

These little hearts look perfect on a simple jute twine garland. You can hang this anywhere for Valentine's Day but I think it's precious and ideal for any time of year when you need to feel a little bit of love.

Easter Egg Garland

Easter is always fun to create for and this little garland is gorgeous! So much fun and ideal for hanging on your mantle or even across a door frame. The base of this garland uses book pages with colorful eggs created from your favorite crafting or scrapbook paper.

Easter Centerpiece

Rolled book pages are a perfect base for a simple little vase. This is ideal for Easter with a little sign and some lovely spring flowers. You'll love how you can make several of these in no time at all to go along all of your tables this Easter.

Old Book Monster

I love getting my kids involved in crafting, and this little monster is perfect! It's super easy to make this old book monster and kids will absolutely love helping you make this and add it to your Halloween decorations.

Floating Witch with Broom

This witch is such a cute little decoration! I love how easy it is to make and know it will be a hit with everyone at Halloween. The little broom is a great accent that brings the book together. It's just adorable!

Pumpkin Decoration

Paper pumpkins are always cute, and this one is super easy to make. Rolling the pages of a book inward and adding some orange paint makes this look like a pumpkin in mere minutes. It's super easy and always a hit throughout fall.

Pumpkin Fall Decoration

Making this little pumpkin will be a great way to add a rustic look to your Halloween or Thanksgiving decor. It's simple, easy to make in different sizes, and looks absolutely gorgeous as a centerpiece.

Santa Claus Decor

Do you love decorating with Santa Claus? If so, adding this to your holiday decor will be easy to do. I love how cute this is and that it truly looks like your vision of Santa!

Christmas Angel

Adding angels to your holiday decor is a must. This old book page angel is a beautiful accent to add to your mantle or even on your Christmas tree. It's beautiful, easy to make, and the ideal upcycle of an old book.

Angel Wings Decoration

These angel wings are a beautiful way to honor someone around the holidays. Add a simple message to the wings, or simply hang them on the wall by your tree as a beautiful decoration.

Snowflake Ornaments

These snowflakes are super easy to make and ideal for hanging on your Christmas tree. I love that you can make these with old books or any craft paper following this tutorial.